Campaign Recap

Donate a Post, a property of Aeterna Media, coordinated a digital campaign focused on voter activation for the 2020 presidential election by creating authentic and engaging experiences to encourage community members to share what inspires them to vote.

While set in motion by paid influencer posts and product/experience giveaways, we saw widespread organic adoption of our concept, with thousands of users sharing their feelings and inspiration around voting.

The Why I Vote Campaign consisted of:

The #WhyIVote Challenge: 

Based mostly on social media, encouraging users to create their own video or text post describing their reasons for voting. These fostered more authentic engagement than the more traditional political graphics or advertisements. 

College Zoom Conversations:

Hosted by MN based entrepreneurs and Secretary of State team members, to connect with students from various universities – many of whom were first-time voters – for information and discussion about voting. These discussions were made much more impactful by bringing together peers to share their unique feelings and experiences.

AR Filters: 

We created multiple responsive augmented reality filters available on Instagram, to bring cohesiveness and excitement to user posts and to stand out from traditional story formats.

Livestream + VR Music Experience: 

For a world-first activation: we brought together multiple partners to build the renowned First Avenue concert venue in virtual reality, then hosted a concert with three local musicians which was attended by thousands of viewers on Twitch and in VR.

Other Content Creation: To supplement the campaign, Aeterna Media created multiple longer-form content pieces including multilingual voter interviews and discussions with passersby on the street. 


Metrics and Summary:

Campaign Momentum

Combines various social metrics to represent the spread and engagement of the campaign.

In perhaps the noisiest political and social media environment we've ever witnessed, by adjusting our strategy away from more traditional marketing tactics and focusing on authentic connection with one's peers, we generated a moving and wide reaching campaign which helped inspire the younger voters in Minnesota and around the country.

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Tik Tok Impressions
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Digital Event Attendees
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AR Filter Impressions
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Social Media Impressions
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All of which contributed to the MN voter turnout in a presidential election

Community Response

First Time Voters talking about Donate a Post

Moving forward, Donate a Post will become a platform for social action for many different causes, acting as a bridge between engaged users and impact organizations with environmental or social missions.

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